[LET IT DIE] Unusual replacement of "D" to "*" in d3d9 logs

I am using a local injection for texture editing/replacements in LET IT DIE
Also all textures in inject folder appear ‘blocked’: Brg-Game-Steam-w6-Jetz1-Hp8 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
Appears as 0 bytes in File dropdown menu as well image hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

So what you’re telling us is that your Windows username is just a simple “D”.

Is that the issue?
C:\Users\D\Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Profiles\LET IT DIE
^ that is the path

It’s not really an issue, but yes, that’s the cause of it.

Special K filters out all usernames from paths to ensure we don’t inadvertently leak people’s names when logs are uploaded, which is why this ends up occurring when you have a one-letter username.

Further logs if required, they all have the same issue. I could try changing my username but that might break nearly all paths in my system
specialk and d3d9 logs

Oh so it’s not actually trying to access C:\WIN*OWS\system32 or something? alright
what might be the reason for all of the above exceptions, seems it’s related to msvcr110.dll, which I checked for and it exists.