Latest reccomended version for Yakuza 0 HDR?

Not used this in a while since I had been playing exclusively Cyberpunk, when I last messed with it I think it was 0.11.1 and there was a big configuration guide but it got deleted.

Wondering what the latest I should be running for this guide is and if there is a config guide for said version since I am quite new to HDR and dunno exactly how best to fine tune things.

Back then I recall having to look for pink splotches with the heatmap on.

That’s still the general procedure…

HDR Calibration Guide | Special K - The Official Wiki (

Also, updated test releases are on Discord in the #releases channel.

I have some multi-monitor issues to solve and then maybe by the end of the month there will be a new official release through the regular download channels.

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Thank you kindly. the multimonitor thing isnt really a factor for me, I do run triples but also a single TV and the TV is what im mostly gaming on the monitors arent getting output when using the TV.