Kingdoms of Alamur Re-Reckoning

I am currently getting the following error when I start Kingdoms of Alamur Re-Reckoning with the Global :Injection running:


I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB graphics card. Any help would be appreciated.

Use local injection with SpecialK32.dll renamed to e.g. dinput8.dll, dxgi.dll, or d3d11.dll.

All the instructions for setting up local injection say that both SpecialK and the game need to be running. Since I cannot start the game, I cannot set up local injection. If this is in error, please let me know.

Follow the second section of that chapter, the “Manually install local wrapper DLLs” box.

I tried the method in your recommended article, but could not open the control panel in-game. I only have one minor mod installed, so this is not a critical problem. Thank you for responding promptly.

Another patch with a couple of fixes and more being worked on for #3 whenever that comes out.

That sounds incredible weird like what did the DLC do to the game and what’s a hardcoded bug anyway must be some incredible code mess here whatever is going on with some of these issues.