Kandagawa jet girls font broken and weird colors

i’m using version and the fonts are broken while the colors looks weird, can anyone tell me how to fix this ?

and game also crash on start when trying to inject textures

Disable texture cache in Special K and restart the game,and see if that fixes it.

i can’t use texture inject if i disable that, and game crash when i try to inject something too

Try the “ignore texture with no mipmaps” option.

changing “IgnoreNonMipmapped=false” to true still didn’t fix the text and colors, and the injected textures isn’t showing ingame.

Can i see a screenshot of both dumped and injected textures folders?

here, they are 66564D8E and 19616684

Make sure the injected textures directory matches the dumped textures directory

For example, dumped textures for NieR:Automata are here:

Which means injected textures have to be here:

You can just copy and paste the “dump” folder and rename the copy to “inject”

yes the path is correct but textures still are not injected maybe it doesn’t work on this game ?

Perhaps. You might want to try Resorep, which specifically focuses on Dx11 texture injection. I believe you’ll still be able to use Special K with Resorep injected, but i’m not sure.

thanks i’ll try it

Not exactly… the dumped textures are prefixed with Compressed / Uncompressed so that people interested in modifying them (for quality) know at a glance which textures started out with lossy compression and which were uncompressed.

You have to rename them without the prefix before they will work for injection.

Leave texture caching turned on, but set IgnoreNonMipmapped=true.

You will be unable to modify the game’s UI textures this way, but the game’s already doing UI rendering inefficiently and you wouldn’t be able to sensibly modify it anyway.

My assumption was that the user had the injected textures in the same location as the dumped textures, based on the users screenshot. I thought SK ignores the prefix-named textures anyway so it would be fine and just inject the ones with the appropriate names?