Its seems this program is not compatible with RTSS on or is it?

I have to turn off RTSS for Special-K to hook to the game, if i have RTSS hook to the game, Special-K simply doesn’t work, no OSD when launch the game, nor does Shift+Ctrl+Backspace brings up the menu.

Is this how this program was, or did i need to set something correctly?

RTSS breaks some games, mostly D3D9. Nothing can be done.

You can sometimes workaround it by adding the Special-K dlls to the injection delay triggers in RTSS Global profile:

Go to the RTSS installation folder, go to Profiles, open the Global file; You should have a InjectionDelay and InjectionDelayTriggers lines, if you don’t you can add them under the [Hooking] heading. On the InjectionDelay line you can set the delay amount in milliseconds, the default is 15000. On the InjectionDelayTriggers you can define which dll or exe will trigger the delay, there you can add the Special-K dlls. At the end it should look like this:


As you can see, I’ve added the Special-K dlls and other Overlay dlls (GOG Galaxy, Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games), Easy Anti-Cheat and injectors using dinput8.dll.

This generally works, but it might not work on some games.