Issues hooking into Control

Howdy folks. Has anyone had any luck enabling SpecialK in Control? I’ve tried running the global injection setting, and whitelisting the game, but it never seems to actually hook into the game. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Is the game blocking it somehow? I know dx12 isn’t fully supported yet but it’s not hooking into the dx11 version either.

Have you tried installing Special K locally as dxgi.dll in the game folder? Just take SpecialK64.dll and copy it over to the game folder and rename it to dxgi.dll and hopefully everything will work.

Ah right I totally forgot about that, I’ll give it a go.

Ok, managed to get hooked into the DX11 version, but trying to enable HDR is giving me some pretty wonky results. Specular highlights seem to be overly bright and clip, as well as flickering a bunch. Has anyone managed to get good settings for HDR with this game? I’ve always wondered what it’d look like with HDR since it’s a very contrasty game. I’m using an LG CX OLED if that matters.

Try turning off the render pass remastering options (10-bit and 11-bit are enabled by default).