Is there a way to make Special K do it's thing automatically when clicking play from Steam

There’s a section in Special K’s about tab that says “Quick launch Special K for select games through Steam”. I do what it says but it doesn’t work.

Go to SKIF’s About section and refer to this:

Once enabled, you can add launch parameters for your game.

did you try launching the game from the special k injection fronted app ? and it worked from there or not ?

it could be that sk is just not injecting or activating at all in your game for some reason…

i just tried SKIF %COMMAND% in the steam client and it still worked with my game as intended

here’s an example-

after hitting the play button from the steam client, automatically SKIF is launched for a moment, the special k global injection service starts, and then the global injection service and SKIF stops/closes after Special K is injected into the game.

Ok I just found out that you had to click on the service button to make the thing work.

Using SKIF %COMMAND% in Steam for regular Steam games (meaning not any Non-Steam game as those aren’t supported) automatically launches SKIF which starts the services, and then the game itself.

That should do everything automatically for you.

The one scenario where it doesn’t work is as I mentinoed for Non-Steam games as those don’t work the same way in the Steam client.

yeah you shouldn’t need to click on the service button to make the thing work.

either the launch button from skif after selecting a game in skif or launching a steam game from the steam client with SKIF %COMMAND% in the launch options (as shown in my screenshot earlier) should be enough as aemony said also basically.

to add to that, you may want to check and ensure that SKIF %COMMAND% is the first thing you have in the steam client’s launch options field for the game if you’re wanting to launch the game from the steam client and you’re using more than one thing in that field.

for example, with the lego city undercover game…

this works:

skifcommand 1

this also works:

skifcommand 2

but this did not work for me:

skifcommand 3

fyi if anyone reading is interested on what that MAXFPS 0 launch option does for that game or why it’s recommended, the sk wiki page for that game explains it in detail (it doesn’t make fps 0 – it basically allows for higher fps in this game):