Is there a way to force AA?

I’m playing Grow Up and it’s severly lacking anti aliasing, especially for such a low poly game. Is there anything in Special K to force the game to use any kind of anti aliasing?

No. Use either build-in options of the display drivers, or ReShade (which can add FXAA or SMAA to most games).

Only for D3D11 games, and even then it will prevent you from using flip model (important for frame pacing).

Try DSR or Supersampling?

Main issue with DSR I’ve seen is it doesn’t seem to work with borderless, unless you DSR the whole desktop.
I have wondered before if the resolution limiter could be used to force it into a higher resolution and then downsample to native, but trying that seemed to only put the game at native resolution in the corner.

Guessing that’s the OverrideMSAA option in the ini? Didn’t realise it couldn’t be used with flip model, I’d still prefer the better frame pacing with flip model but did test it with Grow Up anyway and it didn’t render anything, was just a hall of mirrors effect.