Is there a way to activate a custom framelimit per hotkey?

I basically have a game that is modded to work in 60FPS, since it has a 30FPS lock by default. One side problem of this is, that cutscenes cut off after the half playtime since their internal timer or something thinks the cutscene playtime is over.

This could be fixed by limiting the framerate while the cutscene plays. I know Rivatuner is supposed to have a framelimit hotkey but it doesnt work for the game in question and since I already use Special K to run it at 144hz anyway, it would be cool if I might be able to make a framelimit hotkey activator with Special K. I know it has a overlay setting for a framelimit but I really dont want to constantly open and close it for every cutscene. A hotkey would be way more convenient.

Sadly I found nothing online about such a topic so I guess Special K has no such feature? Or is it hidden and unknown? Does anyone know?

Special K can already do this actually

you could add something like the following to your macros.ini in SpecialK\Global or in the SpecialK.ini -

Ctrl+Shift+1=TargetFPS 0
Ctrl+Shift+2=TargetFPS 30
Ctrl+Shift+3=TargetFPS 60
Ctrl+Shift+4=TargetFPS 75
Ctrl+Shift+5=TargetFPS 80
Ctrl+Shift+6=TargetFPS 90
Ctrl+Shift+7=TargetFPS 115
Ctrl+Shift+8=TargetFPS 120

where 0 turns it off and the other numbers turns it on and caps at those numbers (whatever number you have there)

the following could also be used to toggle the fps limiter on/off -

Ctrl+Shift+`=TargetFPS ~

the TargetFPS ~ part toggles sk’s framerate limiter on/off

also, you could change the keys to something else if you want

it doesn’t have to be Ctrl+Shift+2 for the 30 fps limiter… and it doesn’t have to be Ctrl+Shift+` to toggle the fps limiter on/off

we do have this in the sk wiki too-

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