Is SpecialK broken for Tales of Beseria?

I ask because mods no longer work, which leads me to believe that Special K doesn’t work properly now. However, I am not sure since the overlay will launch, it just won’t apply any mods despite following the instructions to a T. So, does SpecialK work for this game in 2020?

Use the SKIM version of Special K (consult the guide on Steam for said game).

The version you get via SKIF does not include the plug-in for Tales of Berseria.

I am sorry. I just now saw this message. Also, it doesn’t work. I tried both the new version and the SKIM version and neither was working. I did that before making this post. I was referring to the recommended version when I said it wasn’t working. I am sorry for leaving that out.

One thing I forgot to mention that may be of use if that right after installing SPecialK, whether it is the new version, or the version specifically made for Berseria, the game won’t start right away. It will start and immediately crash. I have to launch 2-3 times to get it finally launch. This only happens when Special K is installed.

I am not sure how useful that bit of info is.