Is Injecting HDR Permanently Into Videos Possible Without Using Special K on a Video Player First Such as VLC?

So you can inject Special K HDR into videos real time using a video player on the desktop such as VLC, however I am looking for a solution where you can basically re-encode the video permanently with the Special K HDR applied. This would be great to add HDR to movies for my Plex Server. This way I could stream the video from my Plex Server to my TV and still have the Special K HDR applied. Is this possible?

As K-SILENT mentioned on the Discord this isn’t really possible without… well… recording a full playthrough of the video player while Special K’s HDR retrofit was applied to it, using whatever HDR recording software that’s capable of it.

Otherwise you’d want to see if there’s other more appropriate tools for “HDR upscaling” of SDR content available online.