Input precise numerical values into Special K's UI Sliders

I don’t know if I’m just a noob but I would like it if we could input precise values into something like the HDR sliders in Special K (perhaps with a double click on the slider). I know that editing the config file can already let us do this.


Press Ctrl when you click them.

I sometimes take for granted that people are familiar with ImGui and never think to explain stuff like that in tooltips, etc.

Fun fact about entering exact values into those sliders, BTW…

Special K handles two different types of HDR:

  1. 16-bit FP scRGB (This is high quality linear gamma)
  2. 10-bit HDR10 (Most games use this)

I wrote one shader to rule them all, you can enter negative values to see how the two approaches to HDR differ. It’s fun for a few seconds any way, then the LSD colors get annoying.

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I figured that it was already built into the software and I just didn’t know what specific key it was :joy: (perhaps a tooltip could be added :slightly_smiling_face:). I’ll have to mess around with those sliders then though my OLED will probably hate it. :+1:t2: