Incompatibility in Untitled Project X (and SpecialK in general) with Mirillis 'Action!' Capture Software

Probably not easy/worth the time to fix, might not even be fixable from your end, but I figure it might be best to report this just in case. SpecialK seems to crash when Action! tries to hook in for its overlay. This appears to apply to all games, but sometimes Action! just gives up on capturing the game (or doesn’t detect it as capturable?) instead of being able to crash it.

Here’s the crash logs:

I have not used Action! in forever.

It used to have some weird compatibility issues, but I think I mostly solved that stuff in ~2018. Untitled Project X is obviously even older than that, so I suspect it’s just the old codebase being a pain. New versions of SK haven’t been updated for the UnX plug-in unfortunately.