How to make Special K as "transparent" as possible?

Hello, I didn’t plan on taking some of your time for this but I wasn’t able to find a topic that reflects what I want…

I mainly intend to use Special K on Nier Automata, the HD Texture pack is a must have for me… But the FAR mod annoys me and I find the configuration window a bit confusing :confused: is there a way to have Special K installed but ONLY to make use of its texture injection feature mentioned in the mod page?

Like, I don’t need FAR for anything, and as such I don’t want to have it installed or start with the game either… I hope my point went through and sorry for the trouble


No, what you want isn’t really possible. What you can do, however, is open Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Global\osd.ini and change the duration of the version banner to 0.0.

Just locate the below section and set it to 0.0 (it’s by default 20.0):


This will disable the startup banner that’s shown on top of the game at launch, and basically “hide” the presence of Special K from you. Every other feature etc will still work, of course, but this way it won’t really remind you of its existence to you on launch.


It actually did help thank you!

Edit: All I have to do is not bring up the window or interact with it in-game, and it’s exactly as if it’s not there, just leaving this here for future reference maybe someone will find the thread helpful.