How do I make sure the global injection service is not running

I just downloaded special k for some more HDR compatibility mainly and it works well but I am quite new and bit confused by documentation. Basically I have a steam account with a lot of games and I want no chance of a ban call me paranoid. I have it set on not start with windows. Do I just close after I’m done with game I want to use it with or is there more I need to do. When it’s open it’s says nothing is injected with nothing running but it still says the service is active so if I just close it I’m good right? I have not launched any anti cheat games only single player but I just want to be sure. I hope you can understand. Anyway thanks. Im also confused on local vs global injection.

The wiki isn’t really updated. Nowadays it’s as simple as:

  1. Start Special K’s frontend (SKIF)
  2. Select the game in the library tab.
  3. Launch the game.
  4. Done!

The frontend will auto-start the service and stop it after a game has been injected. See for example Waiting for game... here:

  • image

After a game have been injected the frontend will auto-stop the service as it has served its purpose, and that Waiting for game... label will go away to indicate the service isn’t running any longer:

  • image

When the frontend is closed, the default behavior of the app is to also close the service if it’s currently running.

So basically if I just close the app I’m good too. It just opens really fast so I’m never sure if it’s really closed.

Yes. SKIF is heavily optimized and designed to be fast, which is why it launches so fast.

SKIF has an option to keep running in the background in the Settings tab but that option is disabled by default. If it is running in the background you would see it’s black circle :black_circle: down in the traybar of Windows besides the clock.

Also, as mentioned you can use that status label “Waiting for game…” as well — if the label is gone the service isn’t running, and SK will not affect any multiplayer games.