How do I make it so that I can only view a specific render pass?

I am using Special K on a Direct3D 11 singleplayer game and I am trying to hide its hud. Doing this would’ve probably been easier if the developers of the game didn’t make it so that the hud elements are part of seperate render pass that renders the entire game again but with the hud elements. I tried disabling the pixel shader (Hidden/Custom/Blit) that does that but the game visually freezes, and checking the box “Always Draw on top” for the pixel shader without the hud elements (Hidden/BlitCopy) doesn’t work, as my game is still visually frozen.
But, fortunately, I found out that one of the game’s render passes in the Live RenderTarget View tab doesn’t have the hud, even with Hidden/Custom/Blit disabled. Excellent!
But my problem is that I seemingly can’t find a way to view it on the whole window and replace it with that render pass, or pop that render pass from the Live RenderTarget View out onto a new window. Is there a way to do that in Special K? Or is there another program on the internet that can do what I’ve just described?

Also, If you’re going to say to just crop the Live RenderTarget View in a program like OBS and pop it out in a new window there, that isn’t a very good solution because the preview in Special K itself is blurry and not 1:1 and I don’t want it looking like that. If there’s no way to do what I have described, but can make the Live RenderTarget View 1:1 (correct scale), please tell me about how to do that.

(Also, I’m not sure if this post fits better in the General or Support category… I kind of do need help with this, so that’s why I put this in Support)