HFW Keyboard Issue

Hello - I am having issues with HFW still - while it will now boot with HDR, the keyboard becomes disabled and special K doesn’t appear. Can’t figure out a solution. Any suggestions?

probably cause of reshade or some other third-party tool you’re also using (interfering with sk…)

Not using anything third party tools other than afterburner, but even with that disabled it’s still happening. So strange, doesn’t happen when HDR is off.

not sure why it’s not working for you exactly honestly. apparently it’s working fine for other people in the special k discord who are playing this game… so i can only imagine that there is something on your end interfering…

beyond closing other apps till you hopefully find the conflict… you could post in the Special K discord and drag and drop in there your specialk.log and modules.log for the game; maybe Kal can see something from your logs

we also have a “Horizon Forbidden West PC” forum thread in the special k discord btw