HDR Profiles section please

So yea I love special Ks HDR feature… But it’s incredibly time consuming / complex to make a profile that works well for a particular game, and it’s different for each game.

So would be awesome to have either a section of this forum dedicated to profiles , and/or on the discord.

And even better official supported from special K for loading them. Since atm it kind of fights me if I directly edit the .ini, it likes to control a lot of the settings and reset it if it finds something it doesn’t like… So a seperate .ini just for the HDR profiles that its less picking about coming from different systems with potentially slightly incompatible settings would be great. And the dream goal to just be a ingame dropdown to find user created profiles you can dynamically download right in the games menu would be killer, though thats not critical.

I realize profiles won’t be a one size fits all and well need a section to indicate the monitor it was made for… But at the very least if a profile is made for a popular TV like the LG C2, a user can be relatively sure it will work with his similar LG TV or at least can start from the profile and do only the minor tweaks necessary for it to look good.

There shouldn’t be any reason to set things up per-game, once you get the settings dialed-in correctly for one, they basically apply to all on the same monitor. That’s why I always use SK’s HDR instead of wasting my time with the game’s own calibration.

That said, loading/storing profiles from a file is planned. SK’s UI didn’t have the ability to browse the filesystem until very recently.

Your suggestions sound reasonable and understandable. Creating a section in the forum or support area for profiles and discord could make it easier for users to share information and experiences, and help create a community where people can collaborate and share their customizations. Officially supported profiles provided by K developers would be useful for users, as they could be assured of their compatibility and reliability. Such profiles could serve as a starting point for customizations and allow users to make only small changes to fit their particular system. The idea of creating a drop-down menu in the game where the user could select a profile and load it directly from the game menu sounds convenient and intuitive. This could make switching between profiles easier and quicker. Specifying the monitor or TV for which the profile was created also makes sense so users can be sure it’s compatible with their particular hardware. Your idea could be useful to the K user community and improve the experience of using the HDR feature. I recommend contacting the developers or forum administration with your suggestion so they can consider implementing such features or creating special sections for profiles and discussions.

This reads like a ChatGPT generated text.