Halo Infinite (Aka Halo 6 since subjects require 15 characters minimum for some reason)

Does SpecialK work with Halo Infinite?
Per Digital Foundry the game has severe stuttering issues which you can’t fix by messing with Vsync/framerate caps… As if you disable vsync and enable external vsync, which works better - it breaks dynamic resolution scaling (which is enabled by capping the min framerate to 60 and enabling built in vsync)

Seem perhaps something SpecialK could help?

I haven’t tried as I’m not sure I’ll purchase the game yet given such issue. I did try SpecialK with Halo MCC a long time back when it launched and found it didn’t work at all. (Probably fixed now? )

Yes, new builds on Discord are compatible with Halo Infinite.

The official release available in the forums is not compatible due to Buffered RawInput that wasn’t supported correctly before the multiplayer test was released.

Yeah, the game’s framerate limiter uses fractional VSYNC, so it also disables G-Sync. Best to leave the game’s limit at maximum setting and then use SK to do the limiting instead.

Thanks for the quick response.

Your recommended settings (disable vysnc / frame rate limits in game) would disable dynamic resolutions scaling though correct?

No easy way to fix that I imagine?

PS: Do you have to run some kind of anti cheat disabled mode to allow special K like you do with Halo MCC - which also disables achievements, or is Halo infinite better in that regard, thus achievements work?

What you can do is basically a setup like this:

SK FPS limiter: 60
In-Game Min FPS limiter: 60
In-Game Max FPS limiter: 61

This ensures that the game’s own limiter doesn’t interfere with SK’s limiter while still giving you dynamic resolution scaler below SK’s limiter. The use of 61 also ensures that the game doesn’t stutter when looking around, which for me at least it did when I had it set much higher than what I capped SK to.

Hey Kaldaien, if it’s not too much trouble, could you take a look at the CPU performance in this game? Everyone I’ve talked to has severe performance issues in the open world sections in this game, seems like the geometry quality setting is the culprit, dunno if it’s just a crapload of draw calls or if there’s something dodgy going on that could be fixed. I think this is likely a big reason why so many people are experiencing stuttering, not just the poorly implemented v-sync.