Hadean Tactics (Roguelike Deckbuilder on Steam)

Very cool early access combination of a roguelike deck builder and auto battler (not like other auto battlers since there’s a lot of strategy and the focus is more on the cards you use than the auto battling)

Fairly simple unity engine game probably made by just 1 or 2 guys… But very strangely SpecialK breaks this games achievements. Not sure how, as had no such issues with 100+ other games, but yea it does. Not completely, but very obvious once I tested a bit back and forth. It’s easy to test as the game has a lot of simple “kill X of Y type of creates” achievements, which display progress in the steam overlay, and I was not getting any consistent progress in them despite killing the right kind of creatures. I would extremely rarely get an achievement that was either not based on progress or similar, but the Special K enhanced achievement dialog would not pop. The test would work, but not during any actual achievement get.

Eventually had to go to the .ini and enable Steam=silent to get the achievements to progress normally. Otherwise works perfectly once that doen ,but of course can’t enjoy the nice special K enhanced achievement popup with that applied.

Had this issue in 1 other unity engine game recently, forgot which one… I’ll try to fig it out.

And a few that work, but never trigger the enhanced achievement popups, even though the test itself works. They generally get no progress on the steam API frames.

Didn’t think specialK could really interfere with the SteamAPI in this way, so reported it on the forums, but no one else had any problems with achievements and said they all worked fine, so I did this troubleshooting to figure out its definitely specialK causing it.
Known issue with modern unity engine games or rare bug only affected this and a few others I tried?