.hack G.U. Last Recode crashing when trying to access the ctrl + shift + backspace menu and clicking accept

Downloaded SKIM64 from https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SpecialK_Mods/discussions/16/1480982971178019745/ installed dGPU and when I ctrl + shift + backspace it brought up a window that asked if I accept or not and when I clicked accept it immediately crashes the game.

Here are the logs
https://pastebin.com/FMyx8R6x crash.log
https://pastebin.com/wYSQccnK d3d11.log
https://pastebin.com/dnf2ZGvd dinput8.log
https://pastebin.com/znNKY4P1 modules.log
https://pastebin.com/QrrvSEBC steam_api.log

Just needed to use the fix for gpu on laptops that use both integrated and dedicated graphics cards. I have the game set to run with the dedicated graphics card and either after I close the game or sometimes during I will be stuck with a black display. The windows key will temporarily show the start menu and task bar but if I attempt to do anything else it’s black screen until I hold the power button down.

Those source code lines aren’t really related to the modern codebase. I don’t even know what version of SK this is because it’s before I added that info to logs :slight_smile:

I’d disable fullscreen mode though, it’s especially problematic on laptops.

So I need the latest version of SK?

Actually running the game in windowed mode has some bad stuttering it’s essentially unplayable and happens in battles all the time, for some reason fullscreen doesn’t do that.

Tried https://sk-data.special-k.info/repository/SpecialK_22.2.6.exe with settings




Now anytime I launch the game with SK it has a black display except for the SK overlay. At one point I got that weird bug again where the display of the computer crashes so hard I have to hold the power button down because the display won’t refresh.