Guys i need help getting special K to work in DCS

I’m trying to monitor V-ram usage. I got this program to work in Resident Evil 3 , but i really need it to work in DCS world.
Can someone explain how to get it running in non-steam games ? I’ve tried the wiki but i’m an idiot :frowning:

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You are aware Special K isn’t compatible with every single software out there, right? Refer to the compatibility list before you try a game with SK:

If your title doesn’t appear, you’re free to test it for yourself and see if it works. If it doesn’t, and you need help troubleshooting, share your logs. If it still can’t be fixed, you’re free to note this in the compatibility list for other users to refer to.

Btw, for global injection with a non-steam game, add the application to the whitelist patterns as seen here:

Or install SK locally, to where the game executable is stored.

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Some users have reported SKIF doesn’t always create the whitelist.ini file successfully. I can’t reproduce it.

But make sure there’s a file called whitelist.ini in Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Global\, if not, make a copy of any of the other INI files and name it whitelist.ini, then edit it in SKIF.

Stop injection after creating that file, then edit it, and start it back up again.


DCS is a long developed project through several years and versions from D3D9 to D3D10 to D3D11, ReShade has had problems with it back and forth which I was trying to look up but it was difficult to find a good answer compatibility just seemed problematic and I also couldn’t find a clear answer on if anti-cheat was present and complicating the process.

Since ReShade tends to hook into most anything without too much issue best I could get was that the game is not the easiest to make compatible with injector type software but as to why well that was harder to track down.