Genshin Impact - Won't Work

Trying to get SpecialK to work with Genshin Impact. I’ve read that it requires a local install which I attempted to do, but everytime I launch the game dxgi.dll gets erased from the game folder…

Genshin Impact makes use of an anti-cheat. Don’t use Special K with that game as there’s no telling how the devs might react.

Yeah, it has some sort of anti-cheat so probably not the safest option. Take Aemony’s advice and don’t use SpecialK like I did lol. If something happens to your account your the one taking the risk.

Edit: If your just wanting borderless run the game directly from a shortcut like this bypassing the launcher “C:\Games\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game\GenshinImpact.exe” -popupwindow

To be honest I’m surprised to even see global injection work, as the game otherwise seems to run in an elevated context, meaning global injection typically can’t inject itself into it.

Oh, yeah forgot about that. I had to run SKIF as Admin. :man_facepalming: