Genshin Impact - Won't Work

Trying to get SpecialK to work with Genshin Impact. I’ve read that it requires a local install which I attempted to do, but everytime I launch the game dxgi.dll gets erased from the game folder…

Genshin Impact makes use of an anti-cheat. Don’t use Special K with that game as there’s no telling how the devs might react.

Yeah, it has some sort of anti-cheat so probably not the safest option. Take Aemony’s advice and don’t use SpecialK like I did lol. If something happens to your account your the one taking the risk.

Edit: If your just wanting borderless run the game directly from a shortcut like this bypassing the launcher “C:\Games\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game\GenshinImpact.exe” -popupwindow

To be honest I’m surprised to even see global injection work, as the game otherwise seems to run in an elevated context, meaning global injection typically can’t inject itself into it.

Oh, yeah forgot about that. I had to run SKIF as Admin. :man_facepalming:

I never got SK in Genshin Impact even if I ran the global injection as admin… :frowning:

Think you have to go with CRSS.exe or what it was tricking it into whitelisting so you can have this one thing and hopefully the games anti-cheat method won’t apply a account ban for it masking as a OS process.

No easy way around it far as I can tell, lots of Cheat-Engine scripts trying to use it too and the devs are aware of that too but aren’t actively combating some of it likely as some stuff is more client sided and less easily detected, for now.

Technically the DLLs are injected by rundll32.exe

Would that be the executable that would need copy-and-renaming? O.o

Initially I had no problem getting SK to work when the game first came out but after a few days I always got an “unable to load data” message when trying to get into the game. I was able to solve that by doing some research online with people running into the same issue using Reshade. The fix was to load the game with SK as normal then at the main menu go into your folder and change the dxgi.dll to something else like dxgi.dll.temp. After finished with the game you can rename it back to the normal dxgi.dll and repeat again when playing next.

Unfortunately if you’re having trouble getting Genshin to work with it on starting the game I’m not sure why other than if you’re trying to launch from the .exe in the main file. The launcher works fine if you go that route but the main genshinimpact.exe will wipe the folder clean of the dxgi.dll when opening.

Huh, weird… Now that I ran the task_inject.bat and task_eject.bat batch files using an elevated command prompt I had no issues injecting SK into the game using the global injector…

None the less – noice! :+1:

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Yeah Special K worked day 1 with this game, a patch or a few in, and it stopped working after that. Interesting methods are suggested here though!

I was under the impression that the anti-cheat solution operated by a stricter whitelisting routine but I see from the newer posts now that it worked, good to see it wasn’t too problematic then even with the game using this sort of solution. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually I wonder if the game (Post one of the updates?) is elevating privileges so that this protection system can do it’s thing thus SpecialK needs to be loaded with a similar rights level.

Haven’t gotten to giving Genshin a try though I heard it’s good long as you don’t get into the drawing or wishing as the game calls it and do it more casually due to the poor rates and how it’s still perfectly viable to play much of the content without going into a monetary investment due to the games nature.
(Which is a interesting balance making the game playable but also having fairly tough rates for these content drops.)

The launcher / game runs elevated to prevent non-elevated applications from getting injected into it, yes.

It is possible that the anti-cheat is a more “passive” sort where it only checks and detects if gameplay aspects are being cheated which could result in an advantage or whatever. None the less, I am actually annoyed by Unity’s default broken state and so need my flip model at least.

Managed to make it work here as well (although might be dangerous, it shouldn’t really on a game with no PVP), which setting are you guys using for the advanced framelimiter options and swapchain? Tried most of the default and usually seems to have made the random framedrops much less frequent (even if sometimes it gives a major stutter from 60 to like 48 for no reason)