Games with broken HDR

COD: Infinite Warfare crashes to desktop when loading the campaign.

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Added, thank you.

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Can anyone re-test Sunset Overdrive with a more recent SpecialK version? Been wanting to purchase it but would like to know if I can add HDR to the game.

I’ve tested it with the latest version, same bug as before.

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That’s a shame. Thanks for testing.

Forwarding my discussion on Arkham Knight

My testing shows crashing can be avoided by setting:



A couple of Denuvo-protected games need that or periodic memory scans they do will abort the game. If more games needed this, it’d be set by default :slight_smile:

It’s particularly bad in Arkham Knight because every time you give the game input, it triggers memory checks. I see no evidence to suggest that is a cause of performance problems in the game, but it is definitely a stability problem if you are trying to modify it.

Now… how to explain these necessary changes in the compatibility list I really don’t know? :stuck_out_tongue: This isn’t inherently problematic to the HDR part of SK, SK in general doesn’t like Arkham Knight anymore due to its DRM.

With that, HDR in Arkham Knight is incredible! I am fairly confident this blows that auto-HDR stuff on Xbox Series X out of the water.

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Arkham Knight had Denuvo removed on the EGS version. It doesn’t crash every time but the crashes are still there occasionally.

I’ve added a link to your post in the compatibility list just in case anyone’s still using the Steam version though. :slight_smile:

Then I’d wager they didn’t actually remove the anti-tamper code from the EGS version at all. That could explain why there is no performance difference in any test that I am aware of.

This is definitely the same exact memory consistency check that Monster Hunter: World has.

Once you get past the title screens, it stops performing the checks at the same frequency, but you still better disable SteamAPI and Window Proc hooking in Special K or a triggered check will stop the game dead.

I can upload the exe to GDrive and send it over if you want to look into it? By all accounts it’s compatible with the Steam version. It’s less stuttery and loads faster but the framerate is pretty much the same otherwise.

The fact that it uses XInput 9.1.0 is also problematic, that forwards its interfaces to XInput 1.3, which forwards them to XInput 1.4. Nothing good ever happens in a game that does this, it causes hitching and weird framerate problems in Crysis Remastered.

I’ll try patching the game’s executable to use 1.4 and see if that resolves anything.

In the meantime, yeah, I would like to see the EGS executable version.

Here you go. If you can improve the frame rate that’d be awesome af.

Pfft, they left the anti-tamper code in the game executable. It still checks memory consistency every time you give the game any input. I hate DRM, even when they remove it, they don’t really remove it.

On the bright side, the executable no longer self-destructs when I attach a debugger. Remnants of the anti-tamper remain, but the big show stopper is gone.

And, on a final note, XInput 9.1.0 is causing input-related stutter any time there is controller vibration. Let me patch the executable to use XInput 1.4.

Copyright infringement here we go:


Patched version of Special K that avoids input-related crashing at game startup:

SpecialK64.7z (7.6 MB)

+ Fixed GetProcAddress (...) caching that causes input-related issues in
    games that use the wrong XInput DLL for they system they are running

The game definitely seems a bit smoother, thanks.

Some effects are still broken such as UI and water. enabling texture caching makes all textures load at their lowest LOD for some reason.

The texture caching bug occurs with both HDR enabled and disabled. Water and UI are just with HDR enabled.

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Same results for me. Also requires 8bit for HDR.

That too. 10 bit, 11 bit and selecting nothing cause a black screen with erratic white pixels.

Fixed a bug that was preventing The Witcher 3 from working with 11-bit remastering enabled. Said bug was also making startup in Batman: Arkham Knight sporadic.

SpecialK64.7z (7.6 MB)

It’s possible this fixes some of those other crashes mentioned in the table.


Something seems wrong with Global Injection in this build. Call of Duty: Ghosts and Sunset Overdrive don’t load SK anymore. Tried Ghosts with manual injection and it still crashes. I’ll keep testing.

IL2 Sturmovik crashes with HDR enabled.

I don’t even know WTF that is :slight_smile:

I assume you mean this?

All the other games with that title are D3D9 or older.