Games that work and dont work

Im new here, but havent seen such topic so figured out i will make one. It would be nice to see which games work and dont work for other users.

Games that work with SK:
Infinite Air with Mark McMorris
Dirt Rally 1 (with Beta version only)
Alien Isolation (have to start in windowed mode)

Games that dont work:
Project Cars 1 (only menus work, ingame black screen)
Rfactor 2 (doesnt see SK plugin)
Assetto Corsa (doesnt start at all)
Battlefield Bad Company 2 ( mouse doesnt work in menus after enabling HDR)

Thats for me. Would like to find out if someone was able to run a game that i cant

yeah but there arent mentioned games im running without problem with SK so i would say its not helpfull

ah sorry i just found out i can add games there