Forum Categories

Based on the low volume of posts we’ve seen on the public forums of Steam as well as the Steam Group itself, I’d suggest keeping the number of categories to a minimal – preferably mirror the Steam public forums, so:

  • General
  • HDR
  • Support
  • Development
  • Random (currently Uncategorized)

It’s debatable where we’d put the game-specific mods, and how we’d best handle it. Separate categories is possible, provided they’re made as subcategories for another, but we might also just have a simple “Game-specific mods” category (with pinned threads for the main mods), or just handle them within the other proposed categories instead.

The focus, I think, is to keep it simple, and not confuse people where the “proper” place to create a thread is.

Don’t forget Trolololo, that’s the first forum Capcom creates when publishing to Steam :slight_smile:

I actually think the game-specific stuff could go under a Compatibility or Games category and then have individual sub-forums (for the most active games). Users can’t exactly create their own forums, and I don’t want to waste all of my time creating them unless they’re for a really big title that I did a thorough mod of. This would keep them (the game forums) out of the way since the category’s collapsed by default.

To be honest, I always thought that was something that the global volunteer moderator Davoodinator created. He was, among other things, responsible for stickied posts like this one:

Mhm, this could work as well. We could also create a sticked thread/link pointing to the PCGW list as well therein, to allow users to easily see tested games and what versions they’re known to be supported by.

Speaking of which, Discourse has a Wiki somewhere in its toolbelt. I haven’t played with it yet.

I would say mimic the steam group organization for now, and let it grow/change later.

Feel free to give any feedback on my use of sub-categories. Apparently these can go pretty deep, but after about the first level of sub-category all you’re accomplishing is hiding information where only the find feature can get at it :stuck_out_tongue:

The benefit, I guess, is that Discourse treats categories more like tags than anything else, and that threads seems to appear even in their “parent category”.

@Aemony | @Kaldaien,

I think we need a new PARENT Category focusing on GAME discussions (with Special K) with sub-categories for each GAME Special K has helped/fixed/been utilized. For example, where would one discuss (not released) Special K for Horizon Zero Dawn // Special K for _ // etc. I would love to see a neat TREE with plenty of discussions being had (IF NOT, TO REPLACE STEAM DISCUSSIONS ENTIRELY). Your thoughts?

For now, I guess #general is a good a place as any.

I like the idea, but wish users could create their own sub-categories. It needs to be autonomous, or else users will be flagging down administrators to create categories constantly and that doesn’t really make a good replacement for Steam at all :slight_smile:

Users can create new threads and new tags, but not new categories. So anyone should feel free to start a thread for game XYZ and tag it with the name of the game, people will eventually find these threads using the search function.

I think that’s more or less how stuff works on Neogaf / Resetera.

Hopefully soon someone can branch the threads :S

I tried to reply in the general topic free thread but found myself going through 12-14 hrs of posts but having to quote various directions of conversation, I just gave up on replying cause it would have been a mess cause of the various quotes and varying topics.

Yeah, the topic-free thread is chaos, but basically intended chaos :smiley: It’s sometimes better to create a separate thread under Support or General to discuss a particular subject.