Final Fantasy XV does not open

I was starting to mod my FFXV yesterday and everything was going fine, so after I installed ReShade + SK the game just never started again, I thought I messed up at some point and restarted the process by getting the backup vanilla copy I had on other drive and it didn’t start again after ReShade + SK installed, I got rid of the DLLs and the game was working normally. Is the game just not compatible anymore?

I got it to work with this older version that I got in this guide but this version doesn’t really do much, I couldn’t make it work with ReShade and I also couldn’t make it work with any newer versions of SK that I tried, the game opens on the background of my PC but never gives me a window or anything

you are following the instructions on the Wiki page, correct?

also the latest / not and old AF build should work fine