Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 bugged shadow rendering

When these two games came out on PC, they were notorious for not being able to run at locked 60fps and had some issues.

Both of them were having an really aggressive framepacer and required an good single threaded performant CPU’s to run above 30fps. There was also stutters being caused in both of the game’s due to hotplugging which constantly kept checking for an controller if not connected.

The first game had issues when scaling certain UI elements when above 720p, while the second game had this issue of just crashing when the game’s memory utilization was more than 2gb and with an even more aggressive framepacer than the first one that rarely allowed the game to run at 60fps during gameplay.
Applying an patch on the second game’s exe to allow 4gb of memory utilization and disabling steam cloud, fixed the crashes.

Later an fanmade fix managed to fix the scaling issues with the first game when running above 720p and disabled the framepacer to make sure the games are able to run at 60fps and even above that. This also worked out for the second game as well which was running even worse before the framepacer removal and as of now both the games run a lot better at 60fps. The Hotplugging which caused constant stutters was disabled, which allowed vibration to finally work properly and fix the stutters as well.
Here’s a link to that fix’s github page:

Lastly there’s one issue that still remains to be fixed and that is the shadow rendering. I had put this in the issue’s page on the fix’s github page. here’s the link to the issue and you can go through that page to see what its all about.

I am sorry, If I am wrong with the entire assumption that I have written there in that issue page, but will you Kaldaien be able to fix the shadow bug with Special K and also make sure that Special K is able to run simultaneously with the FF13fix ?

I don’t really have time to fix any game-specific issues at the moment, but making sure SK is compatible is something I can do. I don’t see anywhere in your post where you describe how SK is currently incompatible, but I’m assuming it is or you wouldn’t be asking? :slight_smile:

I think it’s compatible but using D3D9 limits a few of the advanced settings SpecialK has available and it’s been a few years since the Tales games and any major D3D9 work from how I remember.

Entire trilogy could have done with one last pass after Lighting Returns might not have been the full D3D11 API implementation and access to newer functionality and features but these varying issues can be really troublesome but it’d probably take a FF13 re-release / remaster though the Crystal Tools or engine in there might be a bigger undertaking than how the older games were handled and updated.

Showcased back on WinXP systems I believe some sort of cabinet setup so that’s old code and whatever is in there digging into the actual source, maybe not as bad as some of the XSeed blogs and working with Windows98 or early WinXP builds but still.

Lighting Returns getting a bit more work but having some other issues in turn and odd design decisions like the window menu and settings being like drop-down tabs.

Think the best version of the game is the XBox One backwards compatibility build plus it also has higher quality cutscenes and other fixes but that getting patched over or the trio getting some remaster and re-release feels slim.

Sorry but I haven’t tried SK with these games yet.

Now by opening this thread, I wanted to bring this particular issue that these games have to your attention, so that you could try and fix this with SK itself.

Also wanted to get an more detailed or proper explanation on what exactly is causing this issue so that someone else can try and fix it after knowing what exactly this issue is.

I don’t even know if this is the right place to ask for fixes like this and please excuse me if this is not the place.