Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

The last version of SpecialK to work with FF12 is 0.9.23. The 0.10.x versions nor due any of the post-exile-from-Steam versions. Additionally, for local injection, you have to name the dll dinput8.dll. I actually figured this out because the FF15 version of SpecialK (which is forked from 0.9.22) has the same quirk. That might also mean the FF15 version of SpecialK is better for this, but I’m not sure.

I haven’t really dared to try the advanced settings like flip discard, I mainly just wanted to inject SpecialK for the QoL settings like the volume manager (because the game often ignores the audio settings for certain things and the Windows volume mixer just sucks).

I’m guessing other FF PC ports probably have issues. It would be good if the current SpecialK was updated to work with them.

Oh, and a quirk I noticed with FF12: If you try to quit the game via closing from the taskbar, whether or not CatchAltF4 is true or false, it will lag the hell out of your computer. No idea why. Only happens with SpecialK. I’m guessing it has something to do with FF12 creating a popup asking if you’re SURE you want to close it (regardless of the CatchAltF4 setting). Pretty annoying.

I am running FFXII in HDR without any problem, using the latest SK (the test version 0.11.1).

I installed it locally with dxgi.dll as well.

What, really? It crashed every time for me, and annoyingly, the log files it generates are all empty.

Maybe you want to set the game to Borderless fullscreen first before using dxgi.dll.

Already did that, unfortunately.

Well, suddenly it just works now for no reason. Okay then.