Final Fantasy X crashing

Hi, my game is crashing after in the first story sequence after starting a new game and choosing sphere grid/ music settings. I’ve tried a couple of things suggested on your various platforms but can’t quite figure it out! Any chance you can take a look?

crash.log: 22020322_20_39_crash -
dxgi.log: 22020322_20_39_dxgi -

If you need any more information I’m happy to provide it. I’m running Windows 11 64-bit.


did you try with the UnX v0.9.1.9 archive from the unx sk wiki page ?

regular new versions of sk don’t have unx integrated, and last i checked it hasn’t been made possible to load the unx.dll with a new regular version of sk. what this means is that you wouldn’t have the unx game specific features for this game unless you used unx. sk on its own doesn’t have it

and if you installed unx (untitled project x) from the steam guide using the skim tool, then your game is going to have crashes… this started after a change with the steam client in 2021 basically

the unx archive from the unx sk wiki page contains a version that basically resolves those crashes by disabling sk’s custom steam enhancements. you should still be able to get steam’s achievements for the game - you just won’t have sk’s custom steam enhancements (see: Steam Enhancements | Special K - The Official Wiki), but your FFX game won’t crash anymore (at least not from the steam changes…) and you’d get the custom unx features for this game. if you’re still crashing after using the stuff from the archive in the unx sk wiki page, then you have something else going on…

Thanks for the quick response!

I downloaded the archive file you linked and it got me a bit further but it’s still crashing. The crashing now appears to be a bit more random, but still always during the new game cutscene.

Most recent crash logs:
crash.log: 22020323_11_15_crash -
dxgi.log: 22020323_11_15_dxgi -

Do you mind taking a look to see what I’m doing wrong?

I don’t know what’s causing your crashing exactly at this point

what version of windows are you using ?

did you add other mods to the game ? is this a cracked copy of the game ?

I am using Windows 11. No other mods have been added. I bought the game directly from Steam.

I’ve had a little success (rather, a different issue but not crashing!) in reducing the video quality output setting in the game start up which resulting in the game video freezing about ~3 seconds in whilst the audio continues.

Tried changing some of the config data per the wiki, with varying outputs:

  1. No UnX changes, full screen, video output quality high - crash on new game sequence
  2. no UnX changes, full screen, video output quality low - video freezes (after ~3 seconds) but audio continues
  3. no UnX changes, windowed, video output quality (VOC) low - video continues further but is erratic then crashes
  4. FlipMode TRUE, windowed, VOC low - no video when starting new game, audio continues
  5. PresentationInterval 0, windowed, VOC low - same as 2
  6. Fullscreen Exclusive Mode (per wiki), windowed, VOC low - Same as 4
  7. Fullscreen Exclusive Mode (per wiki), fullscreen, VOC low - same as 3

Not sure if these are useful but I thought I’d include them.

recent crash log:
crash.log: 22020324_09_15_crash -
dxgi.log: 22020324_09_15_dxgi -

Thank you for taking the time to look at this.

i’m also using windows 11 and it’s fine here… so i don’t think that’s the problem in this situation

i asked about your os because i imagine it would be a problem if you were on windows 7 (since it doesn’t support dxgi flip model… and unx with the archive from the sk wiki has flip model enabled by default)

when you say no unx changes, you’re talking about the game on its own ? or still with sk/unx but without something else you changed in unx ?

are you crashing when just running the game on its own ? i think that wouldn’t be normal… and in that case i’d also try verifying the integrity of your game files in the steam client and maybe using ddu to clear your gpu drivers and then update/reinstall your gpu drivers

also, not sure what wiki you’re talking about… but you shouldn’t need to disable fullscreen optimizations here… nor be running the game on fullscreen. i suggest using borderless instead. in this case with sk/unx forcing flip model by default (if you use the stuff from the unx archive in the sk wiki), borderless should be performing as good or better than fullscreen exclusive

you could also try using the 4gb patch. it’s suggested for this game but mainly for addressing green screen issues or issues with some textures when using very high res texture mods…

if you want to try that at some point-

download it from the link above
extract the 4gb_patch.exe
run the 4gb_patch.exe that you extracted

then navigate to your steam game folder where you have your FFX.exe and select it (double click on it or select it and hit open)
you’ll get this at end-

if you get crashes that only happen when using special k with your game… then keep in mind that other tools you have running can interfere with sk. some known to cause issues are nzxt cam, rivatuner, razer synapse, anti-virus…


I downloaded the 4gb patch and it now appears to be working fine. I’ve just played for just over an hour with no issues!

Thank you very much for all of your help getting me set up I really appreciate it.

p.s. by “no UnX changes” I meant I had the Unx but hadn’t messed about with the config files and by wiki I meant the UnX sk wiki page.

ah cool. glad it’s working for you now