Final Fantasy VII Remake DX11 HDR

Hoping to run Final Fantasy VII in dx11 for frame consistency and mod support, but their dx11 path doesn’t support HDR. No problem, it’s Unreal 4, Special K HDR should be able to pull out great results, right?

Strangely, the HDR widget is completely blank, with no options. Anyone know what’s up? I can confirm this installation of Special K works fine in other titles.

Setting HDR config in the .ini file appears to do nothing, either.

That usually occurs when Special K cannot detect that HDR is enabled in Windows.


HDR is definitely enabled in Windows, and without changing those settings, it works in other titles.

The game leaves its HDR toggle setting enabled in dx11 mode, although setting it on gives incorrect color output. Examining all combinations of Windows HDR on/off & game setting HDR on/off doesn’t find a setting that Special K can see.

Borderless Fullscreen and Windowed Fullscreen both leave my display in HDR.