FFX untiled project x on Manjaro linux using proton but it crashes

I’ve installed project x using proton tricks and it seems to be working as the launcher does launch but once I select FFX it crashes. Logs below (limited to 2 for some reason)

Crash: UnX crash log - Pastebin.com
dxgi: pastebin.com/vkrUMyqY

Unfortunately it is really difficult to offer support for UnX on Linux. UnX requires a very old version of Special K, it is stable on Windows… but has not been tested on Linux and I cannot easily make changes to that old codebase.

The only advice I can offer is trying to remove ReShade. The logs suggest something related to texture memory has gone wrong.

I will give that a try. Here is the ReShade if you want to take a look log: ReShade log - Pastebin.com