[FFX / FFX-2] Mod compatibilitywith XBOX Game PC Pass?


i’m trying to make the language mod work for the pc game pass version of the game.
Microsoft has finally enabled files modification recently and so i wanted to change the voice language from English to Japanese.

The program “Skim64.exe” does not recognize the game as installed, even though the mod is launched from “D:\XboxGames\FINAL FANTASY X-X-2 HD Remaster\Content”.

Anyone has an idea ? All the videos & document i’m seeing are for the steam version.

There is no support. While Special K and its modern frontend SKIF supports Game Pass, that particular game is of an entirely different CPU arch from the original Steam copy and so differs greatly.

Special K have yet been updated to support it and it’s possible it’ll never be.

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Thanks for your answer.