FF8 Remastered specialk + reshade

Hi, im not much into modding and i would like someone help me with a problem. With specialk i solved the problem the game has with lowframes (22fps), now i have 30 and im happy but i would like to run reshade at same time i run specialk, with this fix https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1853489359 . How can i make the game run both fixes? Thanks in advance

I get the impression you are using Special K as OpenGL32.dll because someone told you to do that.

That’s what’s known as “local injection,” it will cause problems with ReShade because ReShade is only capable of loading if it is called OpenGL32.dll

Fortunately, Special K is much more flexible than ReShade is.

There is something called “global injection” that will remove the requirement of placing Special K’s DLL in the game directory where ReShade needs to go.

Grab the version of Special K in the Download link at the top of the site, extract it all to Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\ and run SKIF.exe, click the “Start Service” button.

Now Special K will load into your game without having its DLL in the game directory and you are free to put ReShade there instead.

Thanks!! Problem solved, works perfectly :slight_smile: