FF VIII Remastered crashing before it even starts the game

Worked first time without any issue on my laptop which btw is way worse than my current desktop. I’ve no clue as to what’s going on now.

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Then it stands to reason Special K is even more important if you intend to get the game running acceptably on the laptop and I’m much happier to have no software compatibility problems there :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you need to play around finding the incompatible software on your desktop or just play the game on your laptop :slight_smile:

That’s good to hear but yeah that’s a bit curious, programs disabled and even the AV disabled.
Wonder what the cause is but it’s very hard to pinpoint with limited information available.

I don’t believe it’s some newer driver issue either but there’s so much possible software and the OS itself so it’s very hard to provide more than suggestions.
(EDIT: And as it turns out the background programs were not what was causing it to crash.)

The log files would have shown a more complete report of this unfortunate that it’s acting up early enough where this is not available. :slightly_frowning_face:

Only thing I could think of that was left was reinstalling my steam. I even deleted the registry entries…Nothing. On non steam games it works perfectly, this makes 0 sense. I used my laptop just as an experience as it’s a work laptop so I’ll have to find a workarround

I don’t know if I should be resurrecting this thread or starting a new one, but I started with the same issue with FF8R as OP did, and have advanced a step by disabling every program in existence, so I’m hoping maybe something here will help him as well.

Nothing seemed to work (including the fun Steam Overlay process Jonas suggested). The last thing I did was disable every single piece of my antivirus (I’d already disabled the basic modules), and it turned out part of my problem was the “advanced threat defense” of BitDefender. Once that was disabled, Instead of a silent crash, I now get the following error:


Additionally, once I disabled that part of my AV, other Steam games will launch using SK, so the problem is isolated to FF8R. I tried testing it on my laptop, but it’s a thin and light piece of crap, so it won’t even run on it.

I’m also attaching an image of the Windows crash log from the Event Viewer that happens every time I get one of the error-free crashes.

Silent crash FF8

could be related to demaster which allows mods. try including you install folder from windows defender.