Fallout 4 keeps crashing

Hi guys,

I just got Fallout 4 working with HDR (had to switch to borderless window, or I’ll just get a black screen).

Game looks pretty spectacular now, but I encounter game crashes every 10 minutes. The game just closes without any error. Vanilla installation without any other mods.

Anybody here got any experience with using Special K and Fallout 4?

Thanks in advance!

Can’t say that this is a problem I have experienced, I recently tested FO4 and didn’t run into any problems :-\

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll just try experimenting some more

Well, turns out is was actually the weapon debris causing the crashes, they don’t work with RTX cards.

Another question though: Any way to run this game in Fullscreen with Special K? If I try, I just hear sound but have a black screen. When running the game in borderless, my GPU doesn’t even boost and so I get alot of framedrops.