Exclusive fullscreen issues with special k

Happy new year to everyone. I am a big fan of Special K and especially the HDR feature. I am playing The Division 1 but the problem is I cannot switch to fullscreen. Everytime i switch a notification pops up that “FULLSCREEN MODE IS NOT SUPPORTED ON WAITABLE SWAPCHAINS”.
I set swapchain to 0 in ini but no change. Any suggestions please.
I was also wondering if I want to use special K just for HDR without the other features regarding D3d settings (swapchain managment , resolution limiting…) i just set values to 0 and they are automatically disabled right?
Any help will be really appreciated.

Setting stuff to 0 is going to crash things. Use -1.

You don’t want fullscreen anyway, Waitable + Windowed is better. Just remove window borders and you’ve got the modern approach to high performance rendering.

Most of the HDR stuff won’t work reliably in fullscreen exclusive anyway. So it’s for frame pacing and HDR that you don’t want it. Enable SK’s framerate limiter and you’re gold.

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Much appreciated. Thank you so much.