Euro Truck Sim 2 - Framework not loading

Hi guys. I’m hoping some kind peeps can help me troubleshoot getting ETS2 to work on SpecialK. I can’t help but think that this game will be beautiful in HDR.


I posted the issue I am having here:

Hi guys, has anyone tried SpecialK framework on Euro Truck Sim 2 or American Truck Sim 2? (I assume if it works on the one, it would work on the other).

I received this reply from @Aemony:

I believe it is possible, but I’ve forgotten the details. Those games does some weird API switching or whatever at start that tend to confuse Special K. I believe there were a thread on one of those games over on the old Steam Group, but I can’t locate it sadly. :frowning:

And this reply from @IIIelKot:

Probably a one time manual api setting must be done in specialk.ini. But most important - first you launch the game by choosing the api from a dosens of variants, next time just hit first one - play the game. DX11 works fine, OpenGL has a bug with steam overlay popups.

I then found this thread on Steam, after Aenomy referred to it in his reply.

Current issue

I can get the framework to load using DX11 but:

  1. Every time I finish playing, I have to edit the SpecialK.ini file to delete the LastKnown value from API.hook. If I don’t do this, the framework will not load again.
  2. When the framework does load, I can see the SpecialK overlay but I cannot move my cursor to make selection on the framework. My cursor moves in the game (via mouse or XB controller) but the framework overlay cursor does not move at all. It does seem to register mouse clicks though.
  3. When I did get the overlay up, I did not see the HDR option. ETS2 has an odd setup in which I can only get to the full screen/borderless option once I select my in-game profile. I have set this profile to borderless.

That’s all the context I can think of for now. Hoping this can start some sort of discussion to get SpecialK working on ETS2. Fwiw, I think whatever this fix is, should also work on American Truck Simulator.