Error starting Global injector

I’m having an issue running the global injector. It just doesn’t seem to work with 64-bit games.

I try to start the service, and 32-bit starts fine and dandy, but the 64-bit one? I get a Windows error.

There was a problem starting …/SpecialK64.dll
The specified module could not be found.

And then the 64-bit Service does not run.
How can I fix this?

The 32-bit injector runs fine. I tested it using an unpatched Persona 4 Golden and the Special K config shows up there.

Did you drag SpecialK64.dll away from the SK folder at some point for local injection? I suggest re-downloading SK.

It was a complete clean install of SpecialK from the archive.

Probably anti-virus software being stupid. Check any AVS you have for quarantined files. Usually it’s the 32-bit DLL that has these kinds of problems.

Found the issue. It was VC Runtimes not being updated.