Dying Light 2 Fullscreen Mode

How to make the game runs in fullscreen mode with specialk??
everytime i play with specialk the game always starts in borderless window, when i set to fullscreen in the game setting, the game immediately goes to blackscreen and the game still runs in the background(i can still hear the sound running)

I played the game in dx11.

Any solution/help appreciated thx?

See if disabling the Flip Model Presentation override in SK’s control panel → SwapChain Management section does the trick, then restart the game.

Though really, Borderless Window mode in DX11 + that Flip Model Presentation is as efficient as Fullscreen Mode, so there’s no actual reason to use Fullscreen mode unless you want to use DSR/VSR to play at a resolution higher than what Windows is configured to.

Disable it and still blackscreen in fullscreen mode.

Good to know that Borderless Window mode in DX11 + Flip Model Presentation can be efficient as fullscreen. I didnt know this.

SK makes that unnecessary too. Temporary resolution changes are now a feature.