Dying Light 2 DX12 crash


Dying Light 2 crashes with DX12 d3d12.dll with error:

“The procedure entry point D3D12SerializeRootSignature Could not be located in the dynamic link Library (…)\rd3d12_x64_rwdi.dll”

This game needs HDR … :slight_smile:

The newest test version from the Discord should fix that.


  • Fixed HDR crash at startup in D3D12 mode in Dying Light 2


You guys are crazy, amazing reactivity! Thanks

Hi @JonasBeckman / @Kaldaien / all -

I tried this version of SK with DL2 (Steam version) and the game won’t start. Instead, it immediately moves to a background process after the first splash screen. It did create the .ini file but the game itself won’t run.

I tried both dxgi.dll and d3d11.dll, ensured no overlays are running (rtss, etc.), restarted my pc, etc… no luck. Any suggestions? Should I post this issue on discord?

In general the Discord is bound to see you receive the fastest reply – people are active there pretty much all day around, while these forums rarely see as frequent regular discussions.

As for your issue, you can see if the latest version solves it, v22.2.25: