Dxgi Subs folder

Hello i would like to know if possible to add Subs folder in inject/textures (like UI , Text , Monster ) on the last version

subs folder was working for to after this version not working
maybe i need to chek a option?

I am having a hard time understanding you :frowning:

Can you .zip up a directory of texture mods that worked in 0.10.3 but that doesn’t in so I can see what you’re talking about?

im realy sorry my english are not good :frowning:
with the on the folder inject/texture(here) i have now 55 texture but the dgxi.dll dont recognize
subs folder but the and work well

Can you post logs?

Part of the log startup includes scanning for all available injectable textures, so this could help a lot.

im new here so i cant post logs

You can now :wink:

logs.rar (379,0 Ko)

alternative was

used for dump texture
after i put the 0.10.3 version because subs folder work

Do you know what engine this game uses? If it’s Unreal or Unity, texture injection with new versions of Special K will not work. I disabled that a while back.

Game Name: Fairy Tail
Game Engine: There is no info about game engine anywhere on the internet. Think it has same engine as Atelier Ryza had, but i don’t know if that is the case.

if i can use the version will be nice the only problem i dont find any texture :S this is why i use the last build for dump

Sorry for the delay, could you try this version and let me know if the problem’s resolved?

SpecialK64.7z (7.6 MB)

Edit your INI and enable caching staging textures.


no :frowning: not working

GUST so probably the Atelier games engines and whatever has been changed. There’s a separate tool for getting to the textures for some of these but I don’t know if that applies to the latest games like Ryza and Fairy Tail due to how the engine is being changed and compatibility for this. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Compatible. :slight_smile:

It’s a bit different though dealing with file packing and unpacking.

And poke into the source a bit.

So BC7 uncompressed instead of DXT1, 3 or 5 DDS plus SRGB.
Kaldaien might have something to add but the texture format itself might not add a full answer.

EDIT: Hmm but I am misreading things a bit here it actually was possible to dump the textures and by lowering to a earlier version of SpecialK these dumped textures even got loaded into the game again and recognized. :slight_smile:

Just that for some reason if I am reading this properly the support for using sub-folders is not working like it should as SpecialK should be checking the folder here and subfolders for matching hash texture files possibly even .7z compressed archives forgot exactly how that was set to work again.
(Compression mode and options for it and such mostly.)

thx !!!