DX9->DX11 API Wrapping - HDR Compatibility

Referencing the other topic regarding DX9 -> DX11 API wrapping, has anyone managed to get it working successfully with any games? I haven’t done much testing with it, but I haven’t managed to get it working with Alan Wake (or Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for that matter).

I have managed to get it running in DX11, with SpecialK injecting and recognizing as such, but enabling HDR just crashes on startup until I reset the config. Different settings in the dgVoodoo config application don’t seem to help much there either.

Just curious to see whether anyone has seen any working use cases yet!

I have not had any success even running DX9 games in DX11, let alone retrofitting HDR.

I am also sure that many older games are not rendering in HDR. That could definitely be an issue with HDR retrofitting.

I think the only sure way of getting older non-DX11 games (and even some DX11 games that don’t work with Special K’s HDR) running in HDR is to wait for Microsoft to release their special SDR to HDR AI tone mapping on Windows. Depending on how the implement it, it could run at the desktop level, meaning it could potentially affect every game. Very exciting to think about.