Dragon's Dogma - Instant crash

Here are all of the logs.

modules.log (21.2 KB) SpecialK.log (15.2 KB) steam_api.log (1.1 KB) CEGUI.log (65.3 KB) crash.log (2.0 KB) dxgi_budget.log (205 Bytes) game_output.log (600 Bytes)

Does the game crash again if you launch it?

The game’s running in Windows application compatibility mode, performance is going to suck as well as stability if you cannot get that turned off. Windows should only be doing that if the software has crashed several times.


Without Special K, it launches perfectly.

I checked my EXE properties and it would appear compatibility mode isn’t enabled manually, so absolutely no idea why the compatibility engine is being tripped, but I don’t think the game itself is tripping it because it’s running quite smooth.

explorer 23-August-2020 07-18-41-AM

Use regedit and check:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Compatibility Assistant\Store

Those are the automated appcompat flags Windows applies when software crashes hundreds of times.

If you see DDDA.exe there, delete it.

My install is on the D drive, and no game from the D drive is present there. For that matter, only two games were actually present in this, GZDoom, and Persona 4 Golden, and I took the liberty of wiping both values away after screencapping.

Caught something interesting out of the corner of my eye, SKIM64 being there. I removed that value and suddenly Dragon’s Dogma with Special K works again.

Hello guys, first of all i would like to thank you all for the work that has been made for many years
Really thank you.

Im with a problem with the DDDA game that i just dont have the knowledge to fix and hope you all can help.

I cant render the game at any way in background.

=> With the Agnostic Dragon v 0.2.0 mod all works fine the way i wanted but when openning map…crashes the game.

=> With the Agnostic Dragon 0.1.1 the rendering on background dont work

After some days looking i found this => https://github.com/Kaldaien/AgDrag/issues/1

So following the thread i try to make it work with Special K but still cant, tried with SKIM and didnt work so i tried SKIF and the latest version on the top the game doesnt load not even the logos before the intro where you press start.
I tried some changes on the SpecialK.ini file but still wasnt suceeded, so i saw this thread here and tried the solution but again no sucess…

After that i downloaded the 11.0.45 displayed here => Special K v - [ Bringing auto-update / SKIM back ]

and finally got the game working fine with the SpecialK but even checking the box ou changing the Render in background option in .ini file to “true”, the option doenst work properly, i can easily change the window but the game is paused and stays like that till i put the window on focus again

Anything that im doing wrong?

Thanks in advance