Dragon Quest XI Render Problem

Dragon Quest XI Render Problem


Here i explain what happens.

Here are the images of the problem.

Don’t have any ideia what should i do.

Judging by the second screenshot, this looks like a problem with Depth of Field.

Did you make any changes to Unreal Engine INI files? SK should not cause these sorts of problems.

No i didn’t change it anything! In fact, i have download Special K with the hope of fixing this! And this only happen while i’m in Sea/Ship map.

It’s definitely some kind of post-processing problem.

I don’t think Special K can do anything about this, you might want to make sure your drivers are up to date and try reducing the VRAM clock if you’re overclocking your GPU.

Well, I have a RX 5700XT, already have updated my Driver and don’t use my GPU on overclock. This dosen’t happen on any other game. And only in this specifically part of Dragon Quest. I already have tried Reinstall, Reducing graphics, Resolution but nothing :\ Do you think i should try Square Enix Support?

You won’t get any response from Square Enix support unfortunately. Just a basic copy-paste response telling you the same thing I did :-\

Damn it! Well, it seems my adventure will have to continue with this problem anyway.