Dragon Quest Builders 2

I was trying launching Dragon Quest Builders 2 with Special K today but what happens is that the Special K GUI is visibile until the first game cutscene → main menu transition, then it’s not accessible anymore (and I don’t even know if the game is still hooked to it).

I saw a user on the DQB2 forum mentioning using Special K, so it seems it should work?

edit: using special k 21.04.04

I’ve never tried SpecialK with Dragon Quest Builders 2, but in a lot of other games this happens when the game swaps to a different version of DirectX for cutscene playback. I know Persona 5 Strikers had this problem as well. What you gotta do is disable all the other Graphics APIs. If the SpecialK Control Center is up long enough you can do it there under compatibility. If not you can go open SpecialK INI and the options should be pretty obvious. Just disable all but the one it needs, which I think is D3D11.