DOOM 2016 issues with cursor and HDR not compatible?


I’m trying to get the wonderful Special K to work with DOOM 16. If I understand correctly, SK doesn’t work with Vulkan hence why I have change to Open GL 4.5 in the game options. SK will seemly load correctly, however there appears to be a series of incompatibilities causing a couple of issues.

  1. When SK is loaded (ctrl+shift+enter), the mouse cursor is unresponsive, after the splash screens. The cursor will jiggle a bit but it’s not usable. Seems like the game is stringently taking control over the cursor or something? Not sure what is causing this.

  2. I can get SK loaded up and when I open the widgets, HDR is missing from the toggle options. So it is that HDR just simple isn’t compatible with the game or is there a work around? HDR seems to work with almost every other game I try, in at least that it displays under the widgets section.

Thanks for your help.

HDR injection is only supported for D3D11 titles.

Ah shit. Thanks for the quick answer.