Dolphin + Special K - Anyone who have tested certain things with 1.49+?

Hey - just curious if there has been anyone who have tested how Special K behaves with Dolphin’s emulations, specifically the latency and framepacing improvement work in later versions of SpecialK

As discussed previously, Dolphin is not the most optimal emulator out there sadly as it has some poor behavior, something like retroarch however is quite incredible.

The main reason I am asking is because

  1. I’ll be trying and testing a few stuff myself this week, so I just wanted to see if there was anyone with some relevant info on SpecialK and DX11 of Dolphin so I don’t accidentally re-invent the wheel or bash my head against the wall on progressed/solved things.
  2. The entire Super Smash Bros Melee community are essentially living their game and Esports scene through Dolphin emulation, Special K could be one of the first few examples of community-wide improvement (competitive players, casuals etc) from a game-modifying framework. I think it’ll be a really cool experiment for myself to test with later in regards to this as I’ve been discussing it for a few weeks.

Special K to me is a project that quite literally tells almost all game devs (or emulators) (or framerate limiters, wink wink Nvidia and program starting with R) “Hey, if a framework by (for the most part) one man is able to from the outside fix your game in Windows, then there is quite literally no excuse for you” I think it has tremendous potential for changing the dev landscape :slight_smile:

HDR seems to work with pretty much every game I’ve thrown at it with Dolphin.

Oh Dolphin!

For a moment there I thought you were talking about CEMU, and I was like “Well, OpenGL is flipped and Vulkan obviously doesn’t work” and then the HDR comment threw me for a loop :smiley:

HDR can be made to work in OpenGL, BTW. I only just recently discovered there are some extensions that allow it. It’s a bloody awful hack and I want nothing to do with it though, so I’m not wasting my time on that.

It’s about as awful as using NvAPI to turn on/off DWM features when you start your game … because that’s what it is. And any developer who does that needs to be smacked :slight_smile: Changing DWM properties through NvAPI will leave the client’s computer in a b0rked state if the game crashes because NvAPI doesn’t cleanup after itself. NvAPI sucks, people need to stop using it.