Dolphin Emulator Compatibility List

This is a compatibility table for Dolphin games that work with Special K. Feel free to edit this post to add your findings to it. Currently as of SpecialK version texture modding does not work due to there being no textures in mod tools. However, Dolphin has its own built in texture modding tools that do not conflict with Special K.


  • You may get graphical artifacts on the edge of the screen with HDR enabled. To combat this set Dolphin’s aspect ratio to “Stretch to Window”.
  • Disabling Dolphin’s hacks may help when increasing emulation internal resolution.(verification needed)
  • Wii Games that also released on Gamecube will be listed with [Wii]

List is sorted alphabetically, then series then chronological. For example Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets would come after Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone and before Prisoner of Azkaban.

Game Comment
Batman Begins HDR works perfectly
F-Zero GX HDR works perfectly
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone HDR works perfectly
Lord of the Rings, The - The Return of the King HDR works perfectly
Luigi’s Mansion HDR works perfectly
Mario Kart Double Dash HDR works perfectly
Mario Kart Wii HDR works perfectly
Metroid Prime Trilogy HDR works perfectly, PrimeHack/Dolphin
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle HDR works perfectly
Spider-Man: The Movie HDR works perfectly
Spider-Man 2 HDR works perfectly
Super Mario Galaxy 2 HDR works perfectly
Super Mario Sunshine HDR works perfectly
Timesplitters Future Perfect HDR works perfectly, 11990-MouseInjectorFork
Tony Hawk’s Underground HDR works perfectly
Ultimate Spider-Man HDR works perfectly
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I tried No More Heroes 2, HDR seems to work/initiate, can’t set higher than native Wii resolution and have to click OK on ‘Unhandled RTV Format’ dialog a few times before it begins to play as normal.

Unless I’m doing something wrong :S

Edit: If you set a higher resolution in Dolphin after the Unhandled RTV dialogs it reverts to native wii resolution. Idk if this is a Wii game specific thing. Possibly is.

The Unhandled RTV dialog happens on every game I open too, but I only have to click it twice and it goes away and works fine afterwards. You may also get Critical Assersion Failure errors but you can click okay and the game will be fine. I’m not sure how to disable those warnings but I’ll add it to the main post if I find a way.

I have yet to test Dolphin HDR with any Wii games. Does it work fine if you set the resolution before launching the game?

It always reverts to the default resolution [in my case 960p~] after setting it to something like 1440 or 2160… HDR seems to stick - as for colour vibrancy or accuracy I’m not an expert in that field - it doesn’t look wrong or anything so I’ll take that to be a good thing

Even the specialk config override resolution changes to 960p or thereabouts

When you know where you want the games for either platform, I’ll start adding in titles as I test them.

The first post is listed as a wiki so you should be able to add them yourself. You can add Wii games just by title unless the game came out for both Wii and Gamecube, in wich case just add the [Wii] to the bottom. For example:
Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Splinter Cell: Double Agent [Wii]

Thanks for testing and adding to the list. I appreciate it.

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ok will do, also added my post titles to OP

Edit: Ok I did what you suggested in the PS2 thread about the emulator hacks, disabled all of Dolphins hacks/tweaks and got Mario Galaxy up to 4k internal res, still Unhandled RTV dialog at start but aside from that working perfect.

Attempted injecting Special K in PrimeHack fork [for mouselook Metroid Prime Trilogy] with varied success

Had it working but then tripped something and then input stopped working. Still in the process of testing however Metroid Prime Trilogy’s HDR seems to work.

PrimeHack also didn’t come up with any RTV dialogs - the only dialog it did come up with was the SK Critical Assersion Failure easily skipped like standard Dolphin builds. I wonder if older builds of standard Dolphin might fare better with Special K. :thinking:

I’ll be testing Metroid Prime Trilogy and if I can replicate a perfect scenario I’ll be able to mock up the steps of installation within this thread for others who are interested.

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Sounds great. Let me know how it goes.

ok before I f these up again I’ll jot down all the info for prosperity - using manual injection… global seemed to never work consistantly it was hit or miss when testing for some reason - usually ended up broken input but its working now and that’s another 3 games with HDR on Wii + mouselook enabled :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PrimeHack 1.0 special k config: dxgi.ini (4.8 KB)
Change overide resolution to desired - preferably same as what you expect Dolphin to use.

Primehack Wiimote config for m+kb: Prime.ini (526 Bytes)

Primehack releases:

Primehack settings guide:

HDR Working in Primehack confirmed finally lol

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