Dldsr issue in Death Stranding

Never had issues with other games until this one. I believe the culprit is the fact that the game doesn’t run in true full screen mode, but only borderless window.

Playing the game on a 4k tv. I already ticked 1.78x and 2.25x dldsr in nvcp, already tried changing the desktop res to either 1.78x and 2.25x native res. No use. The dldsr resolutions never show up in game. Strangely, if I tick 4x dsr instead then that resolution shows up. If I use my 1080p monitor instead of the 4k tv then 1.78x dldsr and 4x dsr works, but not 2.25x dldsr. My friend tried it on his ultrawide and only 2.25x dldsr worked, but not 1.78x. Looks like it’s all over the place.

I’m trying Special K for the very first time and wondering if it can help solve this problem? So far I have tried overriding the resolution with Special K and dldsr is still not working.

I answered your question on Special K Discord / Support